Friday, August 24, 2007

Johnny Depp Success!

Not Just a Pirate: the Films of Johnny Depp proved to be a successful program here at Huntington Beach Public Library. I received quite a bit of positive feedback about the program and many asked when we would start another film series. The answer to that depends on the approval of the powers that be and availability of Room C (the best one for screening these films). I am hoping to present another program in the new year (end of January 2008 or February). But what should it be? Academy Awards nominated Foreign Films?? The Comedy of Mel Brooks?? Cinema of Strong Women?? Films from Outer Space?? I want to hear what would interest our patrons so please let me know by leaving your (moderated) comments on this blog! (just click below where it says comments)

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Suzy Missirlian said...

I suggest the films of Pedro Almodovar! His films have wonderful storylines (even though they would be considered "different" by some), fabulous colors and feature strong women.