Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saturday Film Forum Success!

And a success it was! I want to thank everyone that showed up for last Saturday’s screening of Chocolat and encourage the rest of you to come on April 12th to see Charade! You won’t be sorry!
BTW, have you had a look at the New Releases in the Media section lately? Instead of just one BIG New Release section, the Media staff has made new headings that will help you make your DVD selections. The New Release DVD’s are now broken into the following headings: Comedy, Drama, Musical, Action, Western, Mystery, Science Fiction and Horror.
Speaking of new releases, the following hot titles have recently shown up here at HBPL: Into the Wild, Michael Clayton, In the Valley of Elah, Dan in Real Life, The Bee Movie, August Rush, the Darjeeling Ltd., and the best picture of the year, No Country for Old Men.

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