Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let the Games Begin – 2009!

At the crack of dawn this morning (530am!), the Oscar nominations were announced for this year’s performances. I was particularly pleased to see Richard Jenkins get nominated for his amazing work in The Visitor. Personally, I think he might just take the Oscar home this year. I was also pleased that The Reader got a nod for both Best Picture and for Kate Winslet’s Best Actress performance. (Yes, I know the Golden Globes gave her a Best Supporting Actress for this but it was really a leading role.).
Many of these films are still in the theaters, but not all! Here are the films that are currently available at the HBPL Media Department that received nominations:

The Dark Knight (Best Supporting Actor – Heath Ledger, Best Editing, Make-up, Art Direction, Cinematography, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects )
The Duchess (Best Art Direction and Costume)
Encounters at the End of the World (Best Documentary)
Hellboy II (Best Make-Up)
In Bruges (Best Original Screenplay)
Iron Man (Best Sound Editing, Visual Effects)
Kung-Fu Panda (Best Animated Film)
Man On Wire (Best Documentary)
Tropic Thunder (Best Supporting Actor – Robert Downey Jr.) (He's The Dude Playing the Dude Disguised as Another Dude - I love that line!)
The Visitor ( Best Actor – Richard Jenkins)
WALL-E (Best Animated Feature, Original Score, Original Song – Down to Earth, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Original Screenplay)
Wanted (Best Sound Editing and Sound Mixing)

Many of the nominated films are scheduled for DVD release in the very near future. That and my picks for the Oscars will be in the next posts to this blog. I will also be asking for your picks for the top categories, so start thinking!

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