Friday, February 03, 2012

They're baaaaaaack!

The Oscar nominations came out last week and overall they didn’t have too many surprises. Sure there were the usual snubs like the final Harry Potter not getting an Oscar nod for Best Film like the final Lord of the Rings. Many thought Albert Brooks should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Drive. Where are Steven Spielberg (War Horse) and Tate Taylor (The Help) for Best Director (especially Taylor as The Help will quite possibly take Best Film)?? Well, since the Academy can only nominate so many, someone is left out every year.
So, who will win?? I have been madly seeing as many nominated films as I can. Fortunately for you (and me!), many of these films are out on DVD and available at the HBPL Media Center!

Films with multiple nominations, currently in the Media Center on DVD:

The Help: I was pleasantly surprised that the book The Help was a charming, moving and thoughtful read. I didn’t expect it to be. I was a bit dubious of the movie but, like the book, it won me over. I am a bit surprised it didn’t get a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination but it did receive 4 others: Best Film, Best Supporting Actress for Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer and Best Actress for Viola Davis.

Moneyball: Until I saw “The Artist”, Brad Pitt would have been my pick to win Best Actor for his role in Moneyball. At least the Academy had the good sense to nominate him for Best Actor. Moneyball also got Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Editing and Sound Mixing nominations. Plaaaaaaaaaaaaay Ball!

Midnight in Paris: I am a fan of Woody Allen’s early work; Annie Hall, Manhattan, Purple Rose of Cairo, Sleepers to mention a few. Lately I have not been his biggest fan but he has certainly redeemed himself in my eyes with Midnight in Paris. Charming! Funny! Totally Entertaining! Loved it! It has been given deserved nominations for Best Film, Best Director, Original Screenplay and Art Direction.

The Tree of Life: Many people walked out of this film and wrote scathing reviews. Others claim it is a visionary piece of art. It will be up to you to decide! Nominated for Best Film, Best Director and Cinematography.

Bridemaids: Really? Bridemaids? Comedies usually don’t fare well at the Oscars, so this one came as a surprise, at least to those that haven’t seen it. As a recent convert, I am happy the Academy saw fit to nominate Melissa McCarthy for Best Supporting Actress and to give it an Original Screenplay nod! You go, girls!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2: Snubbed for bigger things but thrown a bone with Makeup, Art Direction, and Visual Effects nominations.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon: I thought the first Transformer film was exciting and big on action. The next two, I didn’t find as compelling however, the latest still got nominations for Visual Effects, Sound Mixing and Editing.

Films with single nominations, currently in the Media Center on DVD:

Best Actor: A Better Life (Demian Bichir)
Best Supporting Actor: Warrior (Nick Nolte) and Beginners (Christopher Plummer)
Animated Feature: Kung Fu Panda 2 and Rango
Adapted Screenplay: The Ides of March
Visual Effects: Reel Steel and Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Costume Design: Jane Eyre and Anonymous (available 2/7)
Sound Editing: Drive

I will be posting my Oscar picks later this month. I have been betting on the Oscars with a high school friend for longer than I care to mention. I need to check all the guild awards and bet with him before I “go public”! Never fear, I will definitely post them sometime the week before the show (February 26th). So, get your popcorn, you have some research to do!